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Fact : Damage is often caused by choosing the wrong nozzle, using higher pressure than necessary, holding the wand too close to the surface of the hardscape or directing the spray at the same place for too long.

Concrete, Driveways & Sidewalks Power Washing Benefits

When using a power washer to clean concrete, bricks or paving stones, it is possible to cause significant, visible damage, which is usually in the form of pitting, lines or general surface degradation. You can also damage the mortar between bricks and disperse the joint sand between paving stones. In the case of concrete, slabs installed less than one year ago are more likely to be damaged than older slabs. Let us clean your driveway and sidewalks with beautiful results, while not having to worry about the cost of damage.

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By this time, your sidewalk and driveway has probably seen a lot of traffic; bicycles, dogs, strollers, marathon trainers, etc. All of that action leaves behind dirt and grime, and it has had plenty of time to accumulate.  A good pressure wash will eliminate all of that in minutes, and improve the look and longevity of your walk and driveways.

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