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Speed up Drying time while preventing repairs and preserving the life of your dryer by maintaining your it's venting system!

Fact : A lint trap is only meant to catch a small percentage of the lint that is created when drying a load of laundry. The rest is meant to be disposed of through your the venting system.


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Over time, lint builds up in the venting system and is extremely flammable. The US fire administration reports 13,000 fires caused by clothes clogged vents each year.

Big Time $avings

As your vent gradually becomes caked with lint, your drying time will slowly increase over the weeks and months. At first, you may not even realize the extra time it takes to dry your clothes. It starts with just a few minutes and before you know it, the drying starts to take longer and longer as your vents become more and more packed full of lint until you notice that you have to run  it a second or even a third time in order to completely dry your clothes. Don’t waste your precious time running your two or three cycles just to get one load dry. Call or use our form to get your free estimate today. Same day service, when available.

Improved Efficiency

When your are spending more time drying your clothes completely because you have a clog, you are also spending a lot on gas or electricity than you have to. Multiple or extended drying cycles will also wear your clothes out faster. Cleaning your vent will decrease your drying time, use much less gas or electricity and help your clothes last much longer. Call or use our form to get your FREE ESTIMATE today.

Over the months and years, lint and dust accumulates and create clogs that can cause numerous venting problems including decreased efficiency. Worse yet, when the airflow is obstructed due to clogging, the risk of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning increase dramatically. Wasted energy and time, and excessive wear to clothing are among other negative effects. There are almost 16,000 fires caused each year by clogged vents. Most could have been easily prevented with just an inexpensive cleaning service. You can eliminate poor efficiency, save time and prevent fires with professional cleaning from McMahon’s Jersey Shore Powerwash. Our professional, highly skilled Specialists provide a thoroughly cleaned dryer vent to prevent the buildup lint accumulation and potentially hazardous clogs.

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Raise efficiency and prevent a tragedy while saving $$$ on your utility bills!

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