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Protect your home and prolong the life of your stucco, masonry or brick.

Fact : Brick collects dirt, mold, and mildew and must be cleaned. There are many types of brick; some brick can not withstand as much pressure as others can. We can adjust the pressure to meet these needs.

Cleaning Benefits

Masonry and brick are two of the most widely used and environmentally friendly building materials. We recognize the demand for restoring and cleaning buildings constructed with masonry and brick. In addition to new construction, many historic buildings are coated with dirt and grime, taking away from the eye appeal of their architecture. These buildings greatly benefit from masonry cleaning. Jersey Shore Powerwash has trained and skilled craftsmen for masonry restoration and brick cleaning. Contact us today!

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A lot of people think that since they have a brick house, they are safe to pressure wash. Think again! Old brick and mortar are softer than the new stuff today and can be easily blasted away with high pressure water.

I’ve seen brick houses with the mortar almost completely blasted away by pressure washing. And the expense of repointing a brick house is probably 10 times what the pressure washer charged you to wash your house. Let us at Jersey Shore Powerwash assist with our power washing professionals.

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